Open Hours

Mon - Fri: 10AM - 7PM

Mission: To bring wellness practices to you. Wherever you are, we focus on giving our expertise to you in your home or at one of our locations.

Vision: Provide comfort and solace to ease, assuage, and soothe the discomfort of the mind and body. Global, from anywhere!

Values: Guiding you with compassion, the deepened feeling of sympathy, understanding with empathy, … quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

Classes help you explore: personal values, fears, self-advocacy, giving your gifts, and money.
Deeper Wisdom: A series of talks to help you center and stay peaceful throughout the day. Tune in, learn, and reflect.
A More Perfect Union: Your Masculine/Feminine Essence: This class helps you use relationships to discover, tune into, and trust your innate masculine or feminine essence.
Integrating your wisdom: Understanding your own beliefs and unique wisdom
A guided meditative process that opens your ability to see a new aspect of your life experience and draw upon your own wisdom
Integrate knowledge with mental models to build confidence, self-appreciation, and deeper awareness of your own power to expand your presence in the world
The power of language – articulate who you are

Practical applications & exercises to shift you into a higher vibration

Reframe and create your future
Identifying your unique skills and talent while iterating on insights that occur
Choosing your path of least resistance, reframing and putting IYW into practice

Find your Flow
Understanding the human experience through choice, insights, and actions
Mental exercise to shift your consciousness toward a vision and drawing energy from your inner strength

The Void
When you’re incubating while the world moves around you
Guided visualization to flow more easily through this stage
Optimize your incubation time.

Physical Health and Wellness Classes:
Yoga (Yogi instructors)
Self-massage/rolling… (By a Licenced Massage Therapist)
Medicinals/Ayurveda (with guest speakers)
Qigong movements

Emotional/Spiritual Wellness
Writing therapy classes
Deeper Wisdom Guidance, 1-1 Sessions
A More Perfect Union: Masculine/Feminine Essence
Deeper wisdom talks
Guided Element Mantras
Shamanic Journeys

Mental Health and Wellness
About potential offerings

Our sessions will begin with moving your energy into a harmonious state to optimize your experience. Throughout guided visualization and meditation, you will receive cosmic codes that connect you deeper with your inner self.

My teaching method provides tools for you to lead and discover your talents from within at your own pace that gives you the greatest joy. This includes learning your own intuitive style, developing a heightened appreciation for your talents, and finding the flow-state or expansive feeling (we often feel happy, loved, excited, satisfied, elated, focused, and fulfilling in this state) that brings your vision closer to the material plane. We learn the most while having fun, and wherever possible, I seek to give you tools to develop a fun learning style.

Introduction to Solor:
Solor is a new company launching services and classes that help bring practices for conscious living to you, wherever you are. From yoga to self-massage, writing therapy, and sound healing to guiding you on shamanic journeys -(more offerings) we offer a wide range of wellness practices that you can access from home, work, or on the road.

Every individual has his/her unique set of codes, much like your DNA, that contributes to the human race and the part of the world they traverse. The energy is expressed through visualization, dance, martial arts, spoken and written language, music, song – any method that brings you into creativity aligned with your heart and moves away from thought. The energy has an intelligence of its own that bypasses the mind and is understood through the heart and soul, interacting with your energy at multiple levels, across time. One cosmic code drawing will have different effects each time you interact with it. Different people will engage and receive specific frequencies and expressions of the energy than others.

We center on newly exploring spiritual seekers and seasoned practitioners through a new lens of human experience to create a deeply transformative program for individuals stepping into new, uncharted roles to improve their world that applies visualization, meditation, journeying, reframing, and sound therapy that enable individuals to find balance and freedom to step into their strengths and share their essential talents with the world.

Solor: Latin: I comfort, console, solace; I soothe, ease, lighten, lessen, relieve, assuage, mitigate.
(transitive) To lessen the intensity of, to mitigate or relieve (hunger, emotion, pain, etc.).
(transitive) To pacify or soothe (someone).