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SOLOR LLC A Wellness Clinic

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SOLOR LLC, Is the leading Health and Wellness Center in Downtown Colorado Springs, Book online for Vernon or Marisabel. Availability daily. Services include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Bodywork Stretching, Hot Stone Massage, Oncology Massage, Red Light Therapy Cupping with Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Postnatal Massage. All massage sessions are to rehabilitate your body to feel better and younger. With 14 years of field experience, you will get a unique way of massage techniques that no other Massage Therapist will do for you.

Try out My QiGong Chios Healing Energy Work with Esalon Massage; are beyond this world.

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Our Massage Treatments are designed by decades of experience.

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SOLOR LLC is a Massage Therapy Clinic in a spa environment offering therapeutic services. Our goal is to provide our combined 14 years of understanding of the human body with proper therapeutic techniques. You will become familiar with our formulated modalities in our services with each having its own manual hands-on treatment to assist and overcome your body’s soreness, tension, knots, scarring, injury, surgery, and “itises” of all kinds helping you recover.

Clinical | Bodywork | Sport | Swedish | Prenatal | Stone | Oncology | Couples

You will feel rehabilitated from trauma, injuries, and soreness.

14 Years of Experience. SOLOR LLC EST 2009

Meet Our Experienced Team Members

Reserve your apt with Vernon, who has 14 years in Clinical Massage Therapy. Vernon is empathic and will understand your needs. He is capable of rehabilitating injuries, surgeries, fibromyalgia; alleviating you from the very source of your migraines; knows how to work with mothers in waiting; soothe strain, soreness, and stress, physically and mentally.

Meet Marisabel Blue, our newest Massage Therapist to join our team. Marisabel just recently moved to Colorado Springs and we found each other at the AMTA Seminar. Her skills and experience will alleviate your bodies needs for therapy.

Dr. Andrew Smith offers nuanced and meticulous care, which comes as a welcome surprise to many. He takes the time to honor and listen to the body, and as a result he is able to deliver more specific adjustments using just the right amount of force. This is greatly appreciated, especially by those who care less for adjustments that are more forceful. Your neck will stay in a peaceful and still position during a neck adjustment, and only rarely will there be a popping sound. In addition, he is adept at finding the specific soft tissue structures that can be relaxed to help adjustments hold for longer. You have to experience it to feel the way he gets right into problem areas. There is a better way of life, completely connected to your source of health through your central nervous system!

After booking, you will receive an intake. Please fill out with the best of your knowledge. Thank you.

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