Open Hours

M - F 10AM - 7PM, S 11am - 6pm, S 12pm - 4pm

This is not Reflexology or Zone Therapy. It is a real Foot Treatment. Takes 30 minutes per foot to treat every structure inside the foot carefully and cautiously to give sounding results to every physical problem a foot can occur.
One of the best massages out there happens to be a nice foot massage. I start with the calve -the muscle that operates the foot, working out any causes of tension. The foot is very complex. You will receive the best therapy according to how the anatomy of the foot should work and mitigate any issues to get it there. This therapy works very well for runners, skiers, ballerinas, dancers, etc. Do you have plantar fasciitis? -This treatment will relieve the issue. Also, Heel Spurs, Bunions, Mallet Toe, Stone Bruise (metatarsalgia), Flat Foot, Mortons, Neuroma, Sesamoiditis, and can work on Diabetic Neuropathy.