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​Business Mission Planning

Problem: Are you stuck in the same environment? Staff not giving their all to benefit the company?

Solution: Consistency beats perfection. Perfection beats illegitimacy.  We strive to better ourselves. We follow the leader. We do not tend to ​​unrealistic programs. We follow what’s based on the mission, based on the companies lifestyle.

Practice: We try different strategies, collect data, investigate. Adjust, repeat.

Story: Felt like I had to keep what I had that was mediocre because there wasn’t anything better coming my way. Told by their word, they will assist in building SOLOR’s foundation. They then started to tell me what’s what, how I do things; it’s my room- no one else can use it—being very demanding and toxic.

Audit the environment: Take a good look at our working environment. Make a list of all things.

Define the goal: Define the objective and the goal. 

Define value actions: Define actions/ behaviour that contribute the most value toward achieving the goal.

Categorise environment items: From negative (doesn’t) and positive (does) support from a scale of 1-10.

Stimulate positives! Identify and stimulate the most favourable to you. Being close to a goal to give visual cues to guide towards the right direction.

Introduce positives! Add to stimulate the environment and eliminate negative behaviour. Test, measure, iterate. 

High-Performance Business Environmental Productivity: Clean – dust, dirt, and grime are negative energy interfering with comfort and motivation.

Organisation – Everything in a designated area, neat.

Food – no smelly, meats, or greasy goods. Only snacks like seeds, bars, etc.

Colourful – colour nurtures and stimulates creativity and joy—walls, plants, furniture, art, etc.

Natural Light – light is energy. Light motivates, motivates action and good emotions. 

Sound – nature, harmony, music, sutras, mantras, which cultivates our neuro brain activity and function.

Furniture – attractive, comfortable, and in good condition. Must match the companies image.

Plants – purify the air, calm the environment and brings nature to you and the clients.

Art – brings life to the walls, decoration to the establishment.

Mementoes – hold the positive memories as anchors, giving you strength.

Temperature – bodies and minds operate best at a certain temperature. I.e. 68° to 71°.

View – scenery of nature trigger physical, physiological, and psychological wellbeing.

Airflow – clean airflow from outside is healthier and keeps you motivated.

Smell – the only sense that bypasses the thalamus, goes directly to the limbic system—use of non-allergenic scents.

Acoustics – hard surfaces created echo, chairs with rollers and seat lifts, improper breathing, makes people anxious. 

Pets – stimulates positive emotions, heighten sensory awareness. Pets bring happiness and help people bond.

High-performance work environment:

Desk – standing or high desks allows better posture.

Chair – ergonomic to your body

One thing – only have the things you need on your desk.

No bad things – bad foods, harmful products, personalities, attitude.

At reach – keep your life necessities bear you

Preparation – be prepared for any and every situation. Be prompt and punctual of your livelihood.

Essentialism – practice having essentials with you. Leave nothing that can cause a day to go awry.

High-performance training environment:

Location – training will be performed at the best possible location that’ll establish proper pedagogy.

Equipment – must be in the best shape, taken proper care, using appropriate biodegradable cleaners, placed in an appropriate area. Within reach to be utilised. Yet not cluttered. 

Time – training is planned and carried out at appropriate times that work without inconvenience. Training can only be cancelled or rescheduled only for dire emergencies, and all parties notified. Time starts at the planned start of the day and is planned in advance. Business hours are what’s listed on the Google Business Page.

Clients – always come first before any other matters. Try to move your personal schedule around paying clients. There is no business, no work, no funds to support the business without clients. 

Cleanliness – We clean after every client and with natural products only.


We are constantly moving forward.

We create and maintain routines.

We standardised our services.

Follow the Pareto effect: less effort, bigger results.

Routines: Sequence actions regularly create a fixed mission and daily routines.

Achieving goals require planning, execution, discipline, and impulse control. 

Do not do what you want when you want. It’ll cost the business its future to be sustainable. 

Happiness, achievement, resourcefulness, and creativity come from imposing constraints on ourselves. Achieving our goals is our ultimate mission.

When decisions are made, they must be implemented. Procrastination and idleness cause business failure.

Take action, however long it takes by doing and teaching skills, masters talent and build self-confidence.

Take action! View your calendar before the start of your day.

Meditate and do yoga to warm up your mind and body. Possibly complete a workout. Set your days off and vacation time in advance.  Complete errands, obligations, and tasks around the same times to make it simple.

Set remaining time to complete projects.

Standardising: Identify a best practice. Without standardising, there is chaos. 

Standardise communication. Hold meetings. Verbalise concerns. Write notes. Send a message. Reply with a message.

The only way to ensure improvements is to standardise company procedures, policies, teachings, and communication.

The Pareto Effect 80:20 principle:

80% of results come from 20% effort.

20% of time will account for 80% of results.

80% of time is manual therapies, and 20% of time is for prep, cleanup, advertising, marketing, networking, promoting, continued education, and training.

Business ethics: Daily work and your responsibilities need to be done promptly, effectively, and efficiently.

Why and how your need to do the daily work will account for how the success in the business will expand.

Practice meditation: Reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health. Enhances self-awareness, lengthen attention span, reduce age-related memory loss. Generate kindness, thoughtfulness, and mindfulness. Lessens the succumb of addictions and toxic routines.

Cold showers or swimming in cold pools reduce stress levels. It creates the process called hardening. It creates a higher level of alertness, boosts a robust immune response, increase willpower and determination, and builds discipline.

Watch a training module per day. Expanding your knowledge is key to the personal growth and advancement of your craft.

Read an article in a subscribed scientific magazine or journal.

Log client information during or after each treatment. Send proper intake forms to the client before the apt or have the client fill out the forms before the start of their session. (We are a paperless office).

All persons must wash their hands before entering the rooms. This is to prevent any contamination of germs in the rooms and reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Success is guaranteed when you plan and communicate. 

When you relapse, you bounce back.

-More to come